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T H E  O W N E R S

Michele & Steve

Hi Fresno! We're Steve and Michele the owners of Par-fect Day for Golf! We're excited to open a one-of-a-kind experience for the whole family. We hope to bring the community a place where fun and happy memories can be made. 

Steve and Michele met through a mutual friend who tricked them into dating back in High school in 1985. As they grew, they parted ways and life ultimately had them taking separate paths. After navigating life's twists and turns, 30 years later fate brought them back together! They celebrated their Love on May 23, 2015, and have been facing life together head-on, ever since! Their love for golf has brought so many fun memories and they want to share and spread the love of the sport- but with a spin! That's why they decided to open Par-fect Day for Golf. 

Virtual golfing is a revolutionary experience that brings luxury to all of our customers. The virtual experience allows every golfer to experience all of the most famous courses all around the world. Quality entertainment that will leave you wanting more. We’re serious about creating a space the whole community can enjoy. Stop by today!

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Steve Lane

Steve Lane, fondly known as "Bubba", is a proud native of Fresno California, where he was born and proudly raised by Jerry and Linda Lane. Steve is also engaged to Shannon and the two of them are made for each other. Steve's lifelong friendship with Steve and Michele dates back to elementary school and was the Best Man at their wedding!
With a remarkable career spanning over 30 years in B2B leadership, he has demonstrated expertise and dedication in driving business success in customer relations. Steve actively contributes to the success of Par-Fect Day For Golf, where he plays a key role in driving business. His commitment to community engagement and support for local ventures reflects his passion for making a positive impact. He proudly serves as the Director of Corporate Sponsorship with the FresnoGrizzlies, is instrumental in developing and pursuing businesses to become part of the Fresno Grizzly team and market their businesses through the Fresno Grizzly platform(s). 

It's Opening Week!

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